Here you’ll find a growing list of authors of children’s and YA books in Arabic which have received critical acclaim. Please follow links to profiles of their books and translated samples on this site.

We’d love to see more of these making their way into English translation, so get in touch if we can help!

Amani Al Ashmawi

Egyptian children’s book author. 2011 Etisalat Award for Teeri Ya Tayara (Fly Away Kite) published by Nahdet Misr, Egypt.

Rania Hussain Amin

Egyptian writer for children and winner of 2016 Etisalat Award for Best Young Adult Book of the Year: Screams Behind Doors. See Read Kutub Kids and Women of Egypt mag for interviews with and features on Rania.

Yara Bamiya (Bamieh)

2016 Etisalat Award for Best Production for Boulqash, authored and illustrated by Yara Bamiya

Rania Zbib Daher

2014 Etisalat Award for Best Illustration: The Pomegranate Girl by Rania Zbib Daher and illustrated by Joelle Achkar



Walid Daqqa

2018 Etisalat Award for Best Young Adult Book of the Year: The Secret of Oil (سر الزيت) written by Walid Daqqa from the Tamer Institute



Amal Farah

2016 Etisalat Award for Best Text: I Want to Be a Turtle by Amal Farah

Ebtihaj Al Harthi

2015 Etisalat Award for Best Text: Me and My Granny written and illustrated by Ebtihaj Al Harthi

Maya Abu Al-Hayyat

2016 Etisalat Award for Best Illustration: The Blue Pool of Questions, by Maya Abu Al Hayyat, illustrated by Hassan Manasrah. This is a very rare Arabic children’s book translated into English!

Aisha Al-Harthi

2018 Etisalat Award for Best Children’s Book of the Year: Homesick (الحنين) written by Aisha al-Harthi and illustrated by Hassan Manasra (Dar al-Alam al-Arabi)

Eva Kosma

2014 Etisalat Award for Best Text: My Mom Loves Fattoosh by Eva Kosma and illustrated by Azza Hussein

Maitha al-Khayat

Emirati children’s book author of 17+ books, including A Very Special Place (illustrated by Noora Al Shaikh) – a picture book for young cancer patients – and My Own Special Way. 

Noura al-Khoori

Emirati children’s book author, with books including The White Hands, which describes a refugee boy’s journey from his homeland to a neighbouring country. Her first book Fanteer the Fluffy Flamingo (2013) was followed by The Golden Dates. Noura tweets at @nkhoori

Abeer Ali al-Kalbani

Author of Nour’s Escape (illustrated by Gulnar Hajo, and winner of 2015 Etisalat Award for Best Illustration), in English translation by Ruth Ahmedzai Kemp (Darf, 2018)

Amna al-Mansouri

Emirati children’s book author. Her first book, Weaving A Square, tells the story of a girl who is diagnosed with Autism.

Nabiha Mheidly (Muhaidali)

  • 2009 Etisalat Award for Ana Oheb (“I Love”), illustrated by Nadeen Saidani (Hadaek, Lebanon)
  • 2012 Etisalat Award for Creatures on the Ceiling, illustrated by Hassan Zahreddine (Hadaek, Lebanon
  • 2014 Etisalat Award for Best Production: Clever Walker, illustrated by Hassan Zahreddine
  • 2015 Etisalat Award for Best Children’s Book of the Year: Excuse Me, Give Me Away

Shafeek Mehdi

2015 Etisalat Award for 2 awards: Best Children’s Book of the Year AND Best Production: The Judge’s Mule by Shafeek Mehdi and illustrated by Taiba Abdullah

Noura al-Noman (نورة دالنومان)

Emirati science fiction and YA writer. Her novel Ajwan was the first-ever YA winner of the Etisalat Award for Prize for Arabic Children’s Books (2013 Etisalat Award for Young Adult Fiction). It was followed by two other books in the Ajwan trilogy: Mandan (2014) and Sydonia (2016).

Al-Noman is also founder of Manuscript 2559, the Arabic publishing world’s first science-fiction-and-fantasy specialist publishing house.

Sonia Nimr

A prominent Palestinian author and storyteller, Sonia Nimr writes for children and teens both in Arabic and English. Her Extraordinary Journeys to Unknown Places (illustrated by Lubna Taha) won the 2014 Etisalat Award for Best Young Adult Book of the Year.

Taghreed Najjar

Prolific children’s book writer and founder of Salwa Books publishing house in Amman. This Palestinian-Jordanian author is one of the most translated authors of Arabic children’s writing and we still don’t have anything like enough of her work translated into English! Her books have been on the White Ravens’ list twice, in 1998 for The Ghoul and in 2014 for Why Not? Taghreed tweets at @taghreednajjar.

Translations into English include:

  • The Ghoul, illus. by Hassan Manasra (Interlink, 2019)
  • My Brother and I, illus. Maya Fidawi,  translated by Michelle Hartman (CrackBoom! Books, 2019)
  • Watermelon Madness, illus. Maya Fidawi,  tr. Michelle Hartman (CrackBoom! Books, 2018)
  • Little Green Drum, trans. by Taghreed with Lucy Coats (Orion Children’s Books, 2015)

Anastasia Qarawani

2018 Etisalat Award for Best Production: Koozy (كوزي) by Anastasia Qarawani and illustrated by Maja Kastelic from Al Salwa Books

Anas Abu Rahmeh / Anas Abu Rahma

The Well’s Song’ by Anas Abu Rahmeh (illustrated by Lubna Taha)

Mariam Suhail Al Rashedi

Emirati writer 2013 Etisalat award for Best Text: My Mum Jadida

Ibrahim Shalabi

2015 Etisalat Award for Best YA Book of the Year: Getting out of the Bubble by Ibrahim Shalabi

Lorca Sbeity

Lebanese writer including of I Have Not One House but Two Houses – the painful story of a separation from a childʹs perspective.

Donaziad Saade

2013 Etisalat Award for prize for Best Production: When You Get Angry by Doniazad Saade, illustrated by Zarifa Haidar (Asala, Lebanon)

Abeer Ibrahim Taher

2014 Etisalat Award for Best Children’s Book of the Year: Naughty Kitty by Abeer Ibrahim Taher and illustrated by Maya Fidawi

Afaf Tobala

2013 Etisalat Award for Best Children’s Book of the Year: The Rod of Racemes by Afaf Tobala and illustrated by Hanadi Sleet (Nahdet Misr, Egypt).

Walid Taher

2010 Etisalat Award for Al Noqta Al Sawda (“The Black Dot”) written and illustrated by Walid Taher (Dar El Shorouk, Egypt)