Amina Alhashemi & Maya Fidawi’s ‘Seventh Day Sheep’: Lyrical, Joyful, Rich Story of Celebrating New Birth

ArabKidLitNow recommends Amina Alheshemi and Maya Fidawi’s Etisalat-winning picture book, Seventh Day Sheep (خروف اليوم السابع).

Awards: Winner of the Etisalat Children Literature Award 2017, illustrations

Author: Amina Alhashemi

Illustrator: Maya Fidawi

Publisher:Yanbow Al Kitab


Buy in Arabic: خروف اليوم السابع


This beautiful, lyrical, joyful story of new birth — and the wary jealousy of the cats who already live in the household — is a visual delight. It tells the story of the first seven days of a baby’s life, and the traditional “aqiqah” party held on the seventh day.

Illustrated by acclaimed artist Maya Fidawi, this book won the 2017 Etisalat Prize for Arabic children’s literature in the “illustrations” category.

Sample from the book:

Why was Grandpa whispering in Alia’s right ear?

The cats exchanged curious looks!

“Isn’t it rude to whisper?”


Grandma understood the cats’ confusion

and reassured them, saying:

“Grandpa whispers to Alia

because that’s how we greet newborns!”

More images from the book:


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