Sheikh Zayed Book Award Announces 2018 Longlists for Children’s Literature, Includes Taghreed Najjar’s ‘One Day The Sun Will Shine’

Yesterday, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award (SZBA) announced its 10-book longlist in the “Children’s Literature” category. These 10 were selected from among 168 submissions that came “mostly from the UAE, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Kuwait.”

The titles range from picture books, such as Nadia al-Najjar’s Voices of the World, to YA crossover such as Taghreed Najjar’s Etisalat Prize-shortlisted One Day the Sun Will Shine. There are a number of titles by celebrated children’s writers, including Rania Zbib Daher and Yara Bamieh. Eligible titles were published in 2017 and 2018.

The SZBA “Children’s Literature” longlist:

‘Al Nooru Yantazerok’ (The Light Awaits You) by novelist Dr. Shamma Bint Mohammed Bin Khaled Al Nahyan

‘Ahlam An Akoun Khalat Asmant’ (I Dream of Being a Concrete Mixer) by author Hussain Almutawaa

‘Ana Lastu Anta’ (I Am Not You) by author Jekar Khourchid

‘Sa tashruqu Al Shams Walaw Ba’ad Heen’ (One Day the Sun Will Shine) by Taghreed Najjar

‘Serr Ala Daftar Sari’ (A Secret in Sari’s Notebook) by Rania Zbib Daher

‘Aswat Al’alam’ (Voices of the World), by Nadia Al Najjar

‘Ayn Minqari?’ (Where is My Beak?) by Yara Bamieh

‘Hoor Tashrab Al Shai Ma’ Al Qamar’ (Hoor Drinks Tea with the Moon) by Jamal Bu Tayeb,

‘Ajnehat Ta’eraty’ (The Wings of My Kite) by novelist Raja’ Mallah

‘Metafy Al Qormozi’ (My Crimson Coat) by Hessa Al Mazrouei


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