4 Arabic-language Writers Nominated for 2020 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award!

Organizers today announced the 237 candidates from 68 countries that are nominated to the 2020 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. Candidates were presented by the jury at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and the selected candidates represent all continents with authors, illustrators, reading promoters, and storytellers.

More than a hundred nominating bodies worldwide have proposed candidates for the 2020 award.

There are four candidates who write in Arabic, and also Arab-Australian author Randa Abdel-Fattah, representing Australia.

From Egypt, author and oral storyteller Yacoub El-Sharouni is on the list; from Jordan, author-publisher Taghreed al-Najjar, from Lebanon-Belgium, author-translator Fatima Sharafeddine; and, from Palestine, author-academic Sonia Nimr.

The 2020 ALMA laureate will be announced on March 31, 2020.


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