Mophradat Launches ‘Affratta,’ An Album of Music for Kids

Mophradat has launched an album of children’s music called Mophradat Songs for Kids, vol. 1, Affratta,which was commissioned by Mophradat and produced as a result of one of its recent collective retreats. This collective retreat was part of the “Distinct Voices” project; you can read more about it at the Mophradat website.

Jumana Emil Abboud, artwork for Affratta

You can listen to the entire album on Apple, Spotify, Anghami, and other platforms. 

It features:

Kalbi Balady (My Baladi Dog)
Affratta (Shenanigans)
Girani (My Neighbors)
Beit Teta (Grandma’s House)
Al-Tennin (The Dragon)
Shahrour (Blackbird)
The songs were written by accomplished children’s book authors Ahlam Bsharat, Hadil Ghoniem, and Yosra Sultan, composed and performed by Aalam Wassef, Aya Metwalli, Huda Asfour, Maurice Louca, Rehab Hazgui, and Sam Shalabi. The cover artwork was by Jumana Emil Abboud, and the cover design by Joud Toamah. 


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